Repairs/servicing (full service) of mechanical watches. As with any mechanism, which is exposed to heavy wear, watches require a full going-over (service) at regular intervals.

Calibrating Watch Accuracy. All mechanical watches are subject to the influence of external factors (gravity, temperature and specifics of the watch model itself), which affect their accuracy.
We will check your watch and give you an evaluation at minimal cost.
Mechanical watch repairs/servicing
Calibrating watch accuracy
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Glass replacement. We are able to replace the glass in your watch, whether it is broken or scratched. This involves the use of plastic, mineral (crystal) and sapphire glass. For plastic glass, there is also a polished version available. Following glass replacement, all watches are water-resistant to the level stipulated by the manufacturer.

Watch strap/band/fasteners/clasps replacement. The workshop boasts a wide range of leather watch straps.We also repair metal bands, including pins and clasps, and we also offer a watch strap length adjustment service.
If you have not found relevant information on the type of repair you need on our website, a consultation with our specialist will help you.

Glass replacement
Watch strap replacement
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Dave R
I was looking for a place to repair and maintain my watches and found this gem. Oleg was friendly, professional, and it was clear that he enjoys his craft. I highly recommend.
Tom Martin
Professional in every way He was unable to solve my problem,but was honest .
Alison Pruntel
Oleg was able to quickly fix my 2 Swiss watches (under 10 minutes) and give me an estimate to fix another. I would definitely recommend anything watch-related be taken here vs. going to a jewelry store, which isn't focused specifically on watches.

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