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In our workshop we perform the following types of work:
Repairs/servicing (full service) of mechanical watches
As with any mechanism, which is exposed to heavy wear, watches require a full going-over (service) at regular intervals. For wrist and pocket watches, manufactured before the 1980s, ideally a full service should be carried out every 5 years (at least). For Swiss mechanisms, the recommended servicing time interval is 2.5 – 3 years (at least), assuming that these mechanisms have a high swing rate (the pendulum oscillates on the axis more than once per minute) and that the oil within them quickly loses its viscosity. The aforementioned time frames are optimum for safeguarding watch mechanisms against any unwanted changes. In the case of watches in a more deteriorated condition, the repair process may also necessitate the use of spare parts to replace some of the most wear-prone components of the watch. The use of modern synthetic oils, developed especially for watches, is paramount to repair tasks, as is the use of cutting-edge equipment, capable of identifying problems at the diagnostic stage and enabling us to be certain of the achievable outcome following preventive action.
Repairs/full servicing/battery replacement for quartz watches
Quartz watches require less servicing; on average, it should be done every 8 – 10 years. However, a prolonged interval between services can impact on the watch’s ability to effectively withstand exposure to moisture and dust. Replacing elements in the watch, which at first glance may not seem that complicated, can in fact only be properly carried out when the correct, high-quality batteries are used, and not just batteries with dimensions corresponding to the model type. For watches with additional functionality (chronographs, alarms, backlighting) high-energy batteries are used which provide as much power as the batteries originally installed by the manufacturer. All batteries installed at the workshop come with a 1-year warranty effective from the installation date. Renata, SONY and Maxell batteries, renowned as the best on the market, are used in all battery replacement jobs in this area.
Repairs/battery replacement for electronic watches
The workshop offers a replacement battery service for complex electronic watch models such as Tissot T-Touch, Casio Pro Trek, Citizen Promaster, Suunto etc. Battery replacement requires all previous data, saved in the watch, and its previous settings and calibration to be restored. Otherwise, there is a greater probability of the job being carried out incorrectly, which may result in the need for replacement of costly electronic systems.
Glass replacement
We are able to replace the glass in your watch, whether it is broken or scratched. This involves the use of plastic, mineral (crystal) and sapphire glass. For plastic glass, there is also a polished version available. Following glass replacement, all watches are water-resistant to the level stipulated by the manufacturer.
Restoring watertightness
All watches can be categorized into three different watertightness categories. All information can be found on the dial or the case back of the watch. Water-resistant watches, watches which are water-resistant to a maximum pressure of up to 3 - 5 bar (30 - 50 meters) enable the wearer to wash their hands or expose the watch to precipitation without issue, however, the watch cannot withstand water pressure. Watches which are water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters) enable them to be worn during swimming (where scuba diving equipment is not needed or when snorkeling no deeper than 10 meters). Push-pieces (where present) in these types of watches should never be pushed when underwater. The most water-resistant category are watches which are water-resistant to 20 bar (200 meters), and sometimes more. Models of this type may be worn and fully operated underwater. The restoration of watertightness in the majority of cases involves restoring the resin seal on the case back of the watch, and covering the crown and the watch push-pieces with a special silicone which reinforces the resin’s elasticity. Seals that are damaged or worn are replaced. In several, more extreme cases, the glass must be fully resealed.
Restoration work to watch exteriors/chronograph crown/push-piece replacement
We also carry out restoration work on damaged watches with smooth/polished/matt accents on the body of the watch. Where required for aesthetic purposes it is possible to replace damaged external parts of the watch such as the chronograph crown and push buttons. Polishing and smoothing is possible for watches made from stainless steel, titanium or precious metals. Information on this is found on the case back of the watch as either ‘stainless steel case,’ ‘stainless steel’, or ‘all stainless steel,’ as is also the case for titanium watches. In watches made from precious metals (silver, gold or platinum) there is also corresponding labelling on the case back indicating assay and carat weight information.
Watch strap/band/fasteners/clasps replacement
The workshop boasts a wide range of leather watch straps.We also repair metal bands, including pins and clasps, and we also offer a watch strap length adjustment service.
Calibrating Watch Accuracy
All mechanical watches are subject to the influence of external factors (gravity, temperature and specifics of the watch model itself), which affect their accuracy. Therefore, for the majority of mechanical watches a 25/35 (+ or -) second accuracy setting is considered normal. More accurate timepieces include chronometers and self-winding tourbillon watches: as similar models, they allow for a deviation of up to 5 – 7 seconds per day. We possess special equipment which enables us to rebuild timepieces as per the original manufacturer settings. In performing a full service of the watch, the calibration procedure is incorporated into the process. If required, we can restore the accuracy of watches that have a less accurate tick frequency as early as the point of manufacture. Exceptions in this case are watches with reduced accuracy due to their not having been serviced for prolonged periods of time and or damaged watch parts, which are directly responsible for accuracy (balance wheel, pallet fork…). If you have not been able to find the information you were searching for regarding the repair you require, our Question-Answer section may be of help.
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